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LocaLPad is an eBay like peer to peer Marketplace where users can post goods and services for sale and other users can buy them directly. Localpad partners with popular Blogs to make this Marketplace available to their readers. This allows Localpad to serve curated and relevant listings to users. E.g. A camera blog's readers can buy and sell cameras with each other on the Blog.

Demanded by your Readers

LocaLPad hired 3 popular Blogs to survey their regular readers. 84% of the readers said they would like a marketplace on the Blog to buy/sell with other readers. 75% of readers said they feel secure with LocaLPad's buyer/seller money back guarantee.

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Annual visitors to your site
Regular visitors to your site
Regular Visitors who will use Marketplace
Average transaction size per year
Total Transacted volume
Total Commission Earned (4% of sales)

How your Blog benefits

4% revenue share on all transactions in which the buyer or the seller came through your Blog
It sits within your site so readers spend more time on it buying/selling and new users are attracted too
You have full control over the listings. You can remove listings or mark them as favorite
Truly turnkey. LocaLPad manages everything: payments, queries, disputes. You just collect the money
Your brand is fully protected with LocaLPad co-branding and support for all activity
Buyers & Sellers are protected with dual Paypal+LocaLPad money back guarantee

Our Supporters

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Our Strength

Curated Listings

High sell through rates because research shows buyers prefer to buy from channels which specialize rather than generic e-shops. Buyers also prefer to buy from aficionados rather than general populace

Activity Jumpstarted

When you sign up we will jumpstart your Marketplace with hundreds of genuine listings, so you can start making money right away. We have lower fees for sellers than competitors like eBay and Amazon and we also give discount coupons to frequent buyers, more reasons your blog will never cease to sizzle

White glove service

When you start using LocaLPad, we will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. You can call the manager on the phone anytime during business hours or by email during off hours, our SLA is 4 hours 90% of the time

Customizable Aesthetics

Our first rule is "Do no Harm". Before even making money, we understand brand and aethetics are paramount for a Blog, therefore, we give plenty options for you to customize the Marketplace. For greater customization, you can ask the Account Manager and our UI/UX will gladly do these for you

Brand & Liability Protection

Our core business is to protect you and the Buyers & Sellers on your Blog. We are the only company to provide a $500 money back insurance cover to buyers and sellers from our own pocket in addition to the protection from PayPal and Credit Card company, which eBay and Amazon rely on

Secure Technology

Created with pioneering proprietary technology that powers the stock exchanges and billions of dollars of trading everyday. Which means the monetary and data losses due to technical glitches are negligible to none

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